Thursday, 1 May 2014

Shrek Countdown Continues !!

There are only 82 days until Shrek the Muscial kicks off it's UK tour in Leeds and just a few weeks later it lands in my home City of Bristol.

The above picture is a scan from the latest Brochure sent out by my local theatre advertising the show. Obviously they've had to use the West End cast but I still got a buzz of excitement when I found it.

Faye has started some one on one preparation for her role as Princess Fiona but the real rehearsals begin in about 6 weeks time. Not long now : )

The show travels all over the UK so make sure you book early to see it when it visits a theatre near you:

  • 23-Jul-14 to 17-Aug-14 - Leeds
  • 19-Aug-14 to 7-Sep-14 - Bristol
  • 10-Sep-14 to 28-Sep-14 - Nottingham
  • 8-Oct-14 to 19-Oct-14 - Belfast
  • 21-Oct-14 to 9-Nov-14 - Dublin
  • 12-Nov-14 to 23-Nov-14 - Oxford
  • 2-Dec-14 to 11-Jan-15 - Manchester
  • 21-Jan-15 to 8-Feb-15 - Aberdeen
  • 11-Feb-15 to 1-Mar-15 - Canterbury
  • 11-Mar-15 to 29-Mar-15 - Newcastle
  • 29-Apr-15 to 17-May-15 - Glasgow
  • 27-May-15 to 7-Jun-15 - Sheffield
  • 8-Jul-15 to 26-Jul-15 - Southampton
  • 19-Aug-15 to 6-Sep-15 - Milton Keynes


At least two more destinations are likely to be added to fill the gaps between 30th March 2015 to 28th April 2015 and 8th June 2015 to 7th July 2015.

I'm hoping one of those might be the Cardiff Millenium Centre as that is a spectacular theatre and just a short trip over the Severn Bridge for me.

As soon as any additional official dates are added I'll let you know.


In other news. I was flicking through the channels the other day and came across a US science fiction show called 'Star Crossed'.

Not as beautiful or talented as Faye but the star of the show - Aimee Teegarden - certainly reminded me of our girl.

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