Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Atlantis Starts This Saturday !!

Yes the wait is nearly over because Faye's TV debut as Helena in BBC's exciting new series 'Atlantis' is just a few days away.

The show kicks off this Saturday 28th September at 8:25pm on BBC1.

Unfortunately I'm actually away this weekend - a short break booked prior to knowing the Atlantis start date - but I'll be setting my Sky+ to record and I'll also download from iPlayer when I'm back to try and get some screen caps of Faye for the blog.

I managed to find the above shot online and Faye tweeted a link this morning:

Ahhhhhh it's happening. . . . . . Not long now


Whatever you do don't miss Episode 1, it will set up the whole series and most importantly features Faye Brookes. If you're not in don't forget to record.

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