Sunday, 18 November 2012

Questions For Faye - #9

You can again blame my beloved football team Bristol Rovers for the lack of blog posts yesterday.

I made the near 400 mile round trip up north to Rochdale to watch my team throw away a 1 goal lead to lose 2-1; that was our 5th defeat in 6 games :(

There were a couple of bright points.

I stopped at Stafford services on the way up and the display in WHS featured the below magazine, which of course made me think of the wonderful Faye Brookes.

Also, travelling to Rochdale took me very near our girls home town of Flixton and on me way back to Bristol I stopped for a meal at a nice pub on the banks of the canal. I think it was called The Barn Own and it was only about 6 miles away from Faye's old stomping ground so she may have visited it herself in the past.

Anyway, lets move on to Questions For Faye.

Question #9
What has been your favourite tour destination and which has been your favourite theatre?

Faye's Answer
The end at Wimbledon has to be the best but I loved all the destinations and theatres. Travelling all over the country was unbelievable.

I saw 15 shows in 10 different destinations - I think - and loved all of them but my favourite theatre was probably Cardiff. It really was state of the art.

My favourite destination would be Wimbledon and Faye is right, the finale was so special it has to go down as the best.

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