Thursday, 1 November 2012

Questions For Faye - #3

It's time for another of our Questions For Faye posts and I expect most of you have already guessed what might follow question #2.

That's right, question #3 : -)

Question 3
Have you ever forgotten your words or any of your dance moves during a Legally Blonde show?

Faye's Answer
Yes, of course. I'm only human after all. When it happens it really is the scariest thing EVER !!

I saw the Legally Blonde tour about 15 times and never noticed Faye forget a word or put a foot out of place with her dance moves but realistically it must happen to every performer from time to time.

If she did ever have a brain freeze during any of the shows I was at she certainly covered it up very well. I suppose that's what all great performers learn to do.

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