Sunday, 7 October 2012

Who Won The Faye Brookes Cup?

ME !!

I've just got back from a fantastic but also very emotional 3 days in Wimbledon. A Full review will follow over the next week or so but I thought I'd do a quick post tonight to let you know about the trophy I picked up while I was there.

You can keep the FA Cup and Ryder Cup because I'm now the proud holder of the Faye Brookes Cup !!

I'll tell you how that came about, the shows and our stage door chats shortly.

For now I'd just like to thank Faye not only for the cup and for treating us to 16 months of pure musical theatre magic as the best Elle Woods ever but also for being so lovely and patient with a completely starstruck fan at the stage door. You really are a very special lady.

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