Friday, 12 October 2012

Faye Brookes Legally Blonde Finale !!!!

Omigod You Guys, this is probably the hardest blog post I've ever had to write. I have to admit to feeling more than a little sad at the thought of no more Legally Blonde and the realisation that even if it does return some day, Faye Brookes wont be playing Elle Woods. Which of course means it will never be as good.

However, the finale weekend was full of memorable highlights and I obviously need to do a post to mark the occasion so here we go.


As soon as it became official that the LB tour would end at Wimbledon I booked my tickets for the final performance and started to plan my weekend. However, as the big day drew closer I couldn't resist purchasing tickets to both the Friday evening show and the Saturday matinee too.

There was more to arrange than tickets and accommodation, I had to think of something to give Faye to thank her for being the perfect Elle. After much thought and a little help from Fayes boyfriend Giovanni I decided on champagne; pink of course :)

I did some research and ordered what seemed to be a popular Rosé but when it arrived the gift bag seemed far to big, so I decided to fill it with Elle related presents; a pink feathered pen, shampoo and conditioner, red bull and of course, Elle magazine. The new Vogue wasn't out till next week ;)

So I was all set.

The Friday show was just as amazing as every other performance I'd seen on the tour; maybe even more so. The fact is, every time I saw this incredible show I came out loving it a little bit more. Faye as always shone from beginning to end, proving yet again that she is one of the finest young actresses in the industry today.

Next up was the Saturday matinee which was full of hilarious pranks. Will Young replaced Simon Cowell as Elles neighbour, Faye was left shaking her junk all by herself during 'Positive', Dewey emerged from his trailer with his trousers down and treated Elle to a particularly disgusting belch and Emmett was the only one to wear a kilt or bear a purse during 'There! Right There!'.

All this was done to perfection meaning any newcomers probably wouldn't realise anything out of the ordinary was going on.

That leaves the grand finale which will go down as the most emotional night I've ever had at a theatre. As soon as the curtain went up I could see tears in the eyes of Sophie Issacs who plays Margot and as the show progressed it was obvious that all the cast were struggling to control their feelings. However, they used their emotions to deliver the greatest Legally Blonde performance of all time. 

Needless to say I shed a few tears myself.

There isn't much else left to say about the show that hasn't already been said but each and every one of this incredible cast should be proud of their performance because they went out with a bang; simply sensational.

Of course special mention has to go to Faye Brookes who lifts Legally Blonde from being a great show to a modern day masterpiece. 

Elle Woods is the biggest female role in musical theatre and nobody could have played it better than Faye. Her breathtaking vocals, phenomenal acting, incredible stage presence and superb dancing saw her receive countless standing ovations from delighted audiences across the UK and rave reviews galore. All richly deserved. She was simply perfect and I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to see her perform.

I got to chat with Faye after every show and she is a truly beautiful person both inside and out. To quote Carrie Underwood, 'She shines like a diamond and glitters like gold' on and off stage. I even got to meet her lovely parents who are understandably immensely proud of their superstar daughter.

My IQ probably dips below 40 in her presence so I can't remember everything we discussed but she loved her gift and as I mentioned in my post on Sunday she returned the favour by giving me her cup which has travelled with her on tour.

Although sad LB has come to an end she is looking forward to a short break before performing Sleeping Beauty in pantomime which starts at the end of November in Canterbury. After that, who knows? She has the talent to do almost anything and Broadway is a very real possibility.

The Legally Blonde tour may be over but Fayes career is just beginning and there really is no limit to what this very special lady can achieve.

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