Friday, 24 August 2012

Another Blonde Adventure

You've probably noticed that the above picture is a slightly small, well there is a good reason for that. Unfortunately I committed the cardinal sin and blinked at the wrong time, meaning I look a little bit like a half asleep drunken zombie; which definitely isn't a pretty sight. Faye as always looks beautiful and you can see a larger picture of her further down the post.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Faye for being so lovely and taking the time to chat with me after the show. It really topped off the perfect day.

You'll all be pleased to know that she's fully recovered from her trip to Cardiff's A&E earlier this week and has actually been to London auditioning for an exciting role in a great show that opens next March. I wont give too much away because it's very early days and a highly sort after part but if she doesn't get it then they haven't chosen the best person, simple as that. Someone with Faye's talent wont be short of offers so it would be their loss and another shows gain.

Anyway I'm jumping ahead.

It had been about 5 weeks since the last time I saw Legally Blonde and met Faye for the first time in Oxford. In my book that's about 4 1/2 weeks too long so I couldn't wait to leave for my first ever visit to the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff. It's about 60 miles from my home near Bristol but because my trip would coincide with the Thursday rush hour I knew it could take close to 2 hours so I left in plenty of time.

The Donald Gordon Theatre is large and state of the art, not like any other I've ever been to. I don't know whether Faye was referring to the theatre when she tweeted last week but I could fully understand if she was.

@ElleWoodsOnTour Cardiff is pretty awesome. Dare I say the best place I've done on this LB Tour.....

The show itself was every bit as wonderful as always. It was nice to see Jennifer Ellison for the first time who I thought did a great job as Paulette and Gareth Gates has really settled in well and makes an excellent Warner. However, I'm going to talk about the star of the show, Miss Faye Brookes.

Here are just a few of my favourite scenes featuring Faye:

1) The moment she steps through the curtain during 'Omigod You Guys' and says "It's almost there but..." never fails to give me goosies.

2) Her acting and the all the "MMM's and Yeah's" during 'Serious' are just hilarious.

3) When Elle is having to be held back from joining in with the Spring Fling Beer Bash Extreme!

4) Her dancing during the 'What You Want' Harvard presentation and her "Ok" to the pilot and "That's me" as she marches across the stage.

5) Her sheep imitation "Blaaaa" during 'Blood in the Water'.

6) 'Positive' "What if she's a violent nut, she might stab me in the gut, with a stick that's up her butt, whose got a plan B..." and shaking junk!

7) At the 'Fancy Dress Party', Warner "Those Parties senior year, felt like we ruled the world", Elle "You funnelled all that beer, I held your head when you hurled".

8) After the 'Fancy Dress Party' with Emmett "So go on here's my head, just hit it with a rock".

9) Her response to Emmett Red Bull question "It gives me energy".

10) During 'Chip on my Shoulder' when Warner asks if she's seen Vivienne "Yeah.....I mean no" and then Emmett implies her IQ goes down to 40 maybe less, delayed response "Uh".

11) Her response aimed at Warner and Vivienne when she's told she's being considered for the internship "Eeeeeee".

12) 'So Much Better' "It's like making love with you all night, no wait it feels so much better, so much better, Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh much better...."

13) Her meeting with Brooke Wyndham. "Who is a girl with loyal friends & true......" and of course "I double Delta Nu sister swear".

14) When Callahan asks for Brookes alibi "I'm afraid I can't tell you", "Because I double Delta Nu sister swore not to", "No it's a BIG sorority thing".

15) Elle doesn't think they need Brookes alibi because "Happy people just don't kill"

16) "You butt head" Elle’s comment to Emmett after justifying her reasons for keeping Brookes alibi secret.

17) Her response to Emmett’s claim that he looks like Warner in 'Take it Like a Man' "Yeeeaaah"

18) 'Bend and Snap' it's 99.99% effective on straight men, need I say more.

19) 'There! Right There!' I can't pinpoint one moment in this song; Faye is just incredible from start to finish. Ridiculously funny!

20) 'Legally Blonde' and 'Find My Way' showcase Faye’s amazing voice and her acting is so good I'm shedding a tear come the end. "If you could give me one second before we all go........"

If you've seen the show I'm sure many of these brought a smile to your face and if you haven't then book now before it's too late.

This really is just a few of many magic moments because Faye shines from the moment she first appears until the curtain goes down and the show is packed with far too many highlights to list here.

As I've mentioned before I've seen the show in London with 3 other Elle’s - Sheridan Smith, Susan McFadden and Carley Stenson - but nobody brings the part to life like Faye Brookes. She really is special.

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