Sunday, 8 July 2012

Yorkshire Post Review

Some people say the story is a little simple or the props a little basic but it really doesn't matter because Legally Blonde is the most feel good, fun night out you'll have this year.

In fact I have to question if that much fun is even legal.

I guarantee you'll leave the theatre with a smile on your face and will probably be humming the catchy tunes in your sleep.

To be fair most reviews I've read are full of praise for the show and even those that try to pick fault end by saying how much they loved it.

One thing they all seem to agree on is that Faye Brookes brings the show to life with her stand out performances as Miss Elle Woods.

Below is a review I found from the Yorkshire Post written by Liz Coggins who saw the show at the Bradford Alhambra theatre, where it will stay until July 14th.

If I lived in Bradord I'd be at the Alhambra every day this week because Legally Blonde just gets better each time you see it and it's not every day you get to see someone as talented as Faye playing such a superb role.

If you haven't got your ticket yet what are you waiting for. Book now, you'll regret it if you don't!

Bradford Alhambra
3 – 14 July 2012

Morley Street
Bradford BD7 1AJ
01274 432000

Time: 14:00, 19:30
Prices: £15.50 - £42.50


The sugar-coated plot of this modern day fairytale is predictable, it has no hit tunes and the show originally flopped on Broadway, but Legally Blonde has won awards, plays to packed houses and even has its own pink attired, blonde wigged cult following. The secret of its success – it’s an evening full of pure, frothy, fun.

The plot of this slick romantic comedy, centres around Elle Woods, a bubbly, ditzy blonde who is dumped by her boyfriend, for a more “serious girlfriend” when he goes to Harvard Law School. Determined to win him back, Ellie decides to follow him and gets into Harvard by doing a cheer leading routine. After being mocked by her classmates, and with a little help along the way from new found friends Paulette, Emmett and her Chihuahua called Bruiser, she eventually becomes a court room star.

The opening of Legally Blonde is not one of the best with some rather screeching vocals that make it hard to get the gist of the story, but once the show gets moving it just gets better and better sprinting along at an energetic pace. One of the strengths of the show lies in its choreography and the skill of the performers. The fast and furious skipping rope sequence that opens Act 2 and the mock Riverdance routine are pure choreographic gold.

As Elle Woods, Faye Brooks is full of vitality with a strong singing voice and great comedy timing, while a superb characterization as Professor Callahan, the sardonic legal eagle comes from Les Dennis.

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