Sunday, 22 July 2012

A Faye To Remember

If there ever was a perfect couple this one............well, doesn't qualify obviously but it is a lovely picture non the less and one I'll treasure as a special memento of the day I first met Faye.

Actually stood not 6 feet away is Faye’s boyfriend Giovanni who seems like a great guy and they really do seem like a perfect couple. He's in the industry to - I think Faye said he's going to be in the forthcoming tour of 'Jesus Christ Superstar' - so they both understand the demands of being in musical theatre.

@ElleWoodsOnTour On route to Plymouth. Weekend with @deVIence (Giovanni) unconditionally and irrevocably yours angel. See you Sunday for our getaway to your 2nd home x

Anyway, I'll reverse back a little and start my review from the moment I arrived in Oxford.

This was my 7th trip to see the Legally Blonde tour but I'd never before plucked up the courage to go to the stage door and meet my idol. However, this time I was determined not to let nerves get the better of me and decided although I had tickets to the evening show I'd get to Oxford early and catch her after the matinee.

I arrived at the theatre at about 4:50pm (Saturday 21st July) and made my way round to the stage door. The cast started appearing about 20 minutes later and each time a cast member emerged from the stage door my heart starting beating a little faster. By the time Faye appeared it was nearly bursting out of my chest, which actually made it a bit tricky to speak.

She totally blows me away every time I see her perform and I was completely star struck to find myself face to face which such an incredibly talented superstar that I could hardly remember my own name let alone any of the questions I'd planned to ask.

Luckily I did somehow regain enough composure to ask for a picture and for her to sign my programme.

While I was in Cornwall last week I spent a lot of time in tea rooms avoiding the rain and knowing Faye enjoys a nice brew I purchased some special Tregothnan Cornish tea to give her at the stage door. Hope she likes it, there are so many flavours to choose from these days but I played safe and went for classic.

Faye was so lovely that I eventually began to relax and we chatted about the show, her boyfriend, their careers and even our dogs. My Mum was their with our West Highland White Terrier 'Max' and Faye and Giovanni showed me pictures of their adorable dog 'Preston'. Isn't he cute!

You really couldn't wish to meet a nicer person than Faye and I really want to thank her for being so friendly and taking the time to chat with me because I know - particularly on a Saturday - they don't get much free time. Hopefully I'll get the opportunity to say hello again as I plan on seeing the show in Cardiff and Wimbledon before the tour ends on October 6th.

The show itself was every bit as amazing as always but so much of that is down to the magic that Faye brings to the stage. Her acting is second to none, her singing flawless and her dancing superb. I've seen a lot of musicals but rarely - if ever - do you come across someone with Faye’s talent. Trust me, she's special.

The theatre was one of the hottest I've ever been in and I really have to give mad props to all the cast for performing in that heat. How Faye managed to look so stunning at the stage door just 10 minutes after leaving the stage I'll never know.

I was going to talk about my favourite parts of the show but I'm finding it pretty difficult because I love every minute and I could end up writing for the next 3 weeks.

Bottom line, if you want a fantastic night out and the opportunity to see one of the most talented musical theatre stars on the planet then go see Legally Blonde. It's an absolute joy from start to finish and I guarantee you'll come out smiling and trying to plan your next visit.

As for Faye, well the sky’s the limit. Any show would be lucky to have her and any audience privileged to see her perform.

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